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General Questions

  1. What are the admission prices and how long can we play there?

    • It is $7.50 (weekday) and $10 (weekend/holidays) for children and $2.50 for adults. ​Your play hours are unlimited during the purchased day!

  2. Can I drop off my children at the Kids Park?

    • NO, a parent or a guardian who is 18 years old and above must be present at the Kids Park. 

  3. Do we need to wear socks in the playroom?

    • YES. Everyone who enters the Kids Park must wear socks for safety purposes. We have socks available at the front for purchase. 

  4. Are strollers accessible in the Kids Park?

    • You cannot bring your strollers inside the Kids Park, however, we have a designated area by the front desk where you can leave your strollers. 

  5. Can I bring my food?

    • You may ONLY bring baby foods inside the Kids Park​. When you use our party room, you may bring your own food. 

Party Room Questions

  1. How many children and adults are allowed in the room?​​

    • Our party room can fit a total of 57 people. 

  2. What are allowed to bring in for the party?

    • Our party room will have simple decorations installed initially. You are free to bring your own cakes, foods, plates, balloons, and decors if you wish! 

  3. When do I pay for a deposit? When do I pay for the full amount?

    • You will pay a 50% NR deposit when you make a booking online to secure a spot. You will pay for the remaining fee at the front. 

  4. Can I cancel my reservation?

    • YES. You can cancel your booking, however, we will not refund your deposit ​as it is NR. Please give us a call if you need to cancel your party booking. 

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